Terms & Conditions

Hello! If you're checking out this page it might be because we've asked to use a photo or video you shared on social media.

So what does it mean to give us the rights to your content by replying with #YesMyHarrogate or #YesVH? Here are some FAQs and information about how we would use your image or video.

Why are you asking for the rights to my photo or video?

Because we love the picture/video you took! And we hope you'll allow us to potentially share it with the world to inspire people to visit our part of Yorkshire. We feel your image captures the experience of spending time in the Harrogate area, and will encourage others to do the same.

Where and how will you use the photo/video?

#YesMyHarrogate – if we used this hashtag we would like to use your image to share on our social media account, and on our myHarrogate webpage which is a gallery of visitor experiences across our area.

#YesVH – If we used this hashtag we would permission to use your image or video in other ways that include but are not limited to our social media channels (including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)—in both organic and paid posts—, here on visitharrogate.co.uk, in print publications or other display materials and digital ad placements.

We will not sell your image, or pass it on to other organisations to use outside of articles we have placed in their publications.

What if I didn’t take this picture?

We will always try to avoid asking you for rights for something you have reposted, but if you didn’t take this image, then legally you cannot give us permission to use it so please ignore our request.

When will you use my image or video"?

It’s hard to say. It’s very likely we asked your permission with a specific project in mind, however it maybe that we saw it and thought it so good we wanted to ask now so we had it available for when the perfect opportunity arises. We may also use your image again in a later project or output.
If we’ve asked about a video it will likely be sometime before we have enough clips to create a promotional video so it could be some time before you see your content on our channels.

Will you let people know it's my photo/video?

We'll give you credit by displaying your username, name or image when and where we can, but a limited number of placements may not allow for it, or allow us to directly tag your specific image with your name. We will as often as we can though.

Will you edit my photo/video?

Some placements may require us to crop the photo/video to better fit in the display dimensions or otherwise make changes, but we'll always try to keep the editing to a minimum. You took a great picture/video and we don't want to mess with it! It is likely we will use video clips in a compilation.

What if I change my mind?

If you decide you no longer wish Visit Harrogate to use your image you can let us know by emailing info@visitharrogate.co.uk, however Visit Harrogate reserves the right not to change materials already publicly availably or already under production and nearing completion. We will however remove your image from our library and not use it on anything new.

What if I’m not sure?

That’s fine, and if you aren’t entirely comfortable with giving us permission please ignore the request, if you don’t add the #YesVH hashtag your image won’t appear in our library for us to use, but thank you for taking the time to read this page and congratulations on taking a great image.