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Your day in Boroughbridge

Visit this historic coaching town to enjoy a traditional Yorkshire Welcome. This charming town grew around a collection of coaching houses on the Great North Road (now the A1), where travellers could rest at the exact halfway point between London and Edinburgh. However, Boroughbridge has much more to offer and many more stories to tell, none of them hurried. This is a place to be savoured at a gentle pace, enjoyed at your leisure.So spend a gentle day in Boroughbridge and learn why life there is a little more relaxed.

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TTD Boroughbridge
Morning - part one

Explore with a town walk

Boroughbridge is a popular walking destination offering a level alternative to the nearby dales with the flat arable lands of the Vale of York. The River Ure offers relaxing riverbank walking paths while narrowboats and leisure boats gently chug by and anglers patiently await the first bite of the day. Along the Ure you will frequently see kingfishers, heron and other bird and wildlife.

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Morning - part two

The Devil's Arrows

While exploring the town it is worth making sure your walk includes the pre-historic monument of the Devils Arrows, a line of three standing menhirs that stretches across the landscape. Thousands of years old their purpose is unknown, but they still stand as they were positioned, defiant in the face of time, the elements and the progress of man.

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Morning and lunchtime

Butter Market Museum

Boroughbridge is not only very well off for inns and pubs, but also cafés serving freshly prepared refreshments, so whatever your tastes there is always something to eat in Boroughbridge. Boroughbridge High Street is also home to an open-air museum of agricultural tools and other things of interest, the Butter Market Museum is free and open to view 24/7 - just one of Boroughbridge’s curiosities.

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Fink3132 752922898
Afternoon part one

A high street to savour

This town is rightly celebrated for its vibrant and independent high street, with unique shops created by those with their own incredible vision – from art to wine, home furnishing to decorative house plants and flowers. At the high street shop Fink you can pick up fine chocolates, fresh fruit and produce and take your own packaging for dry goods and refills, doing your bit to reduce your impact on the environment.

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Aldborough roman site 1326748664
Afternoon part two

The Roman Roots of Boroughbridge

We said it’s a historic town, we meant it. Settlements on the site date all the way back to when the Romans occupied Britain and established a major encampment on what is now the neighbouring village of Aldborough. Amongst the visible remains are two mosaics in remarkable condition, and still in the exact location in which they were found. A small museum on the site displays some of the incredible finds of what was once Roman Isurium Brigantum.

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